What is Clitinerary®

Clitinerary® is an amazing clinical tracker that will allow you to know+ how pathologies are diagnosed, indicated and treated (based on Real World Data).

Create a healthcare survey (clinical pathway tracker)
Track indications, therapies and other relevant clinical information.
Obtain awesome knowledge (clinical activity, quality indicators, patterns, market analysis, etc.)

Is it for me?

Clitinerary® allows Industry and Scientific Societies to answer important questions without deploying complex projects that usually require a lot of regulatory processes and approvals. Just design your healthcare survey or your patient registry and obtain quick and amazing results without disturbing the physicians.

With Clitinerary® you will be able to boost the launch of new products and know much more about your market, based on Real-World Data.
  • Are you going to introduce a new product / therapy in the market and would you like to activate a simple project to boost its launch?
  • Do you want to know what the most common indications are that professionals are choosing?
With Clitinerary® you will be able to generate effective Activity registries or Patient registries and answer those important questions that every healthcare organization needs to know.
  • Are you thinking about the creation of Activity or Patient registries but you think that gathering the data will be complicated?
  • Do you know how many patients are diagnosed with the main pathologies on which your Organization is focused? Do you know how the treatments and therapies for them are distributed in your country or region?


Clitinerary® is an awesome clinical tracker, and additionally offers extraordinary features that allow: the integration of educational material that is enabled when the case matches with a clinical guideline; impactful reports to review the pathologies analysis in geographic maps; a channel of communication and many other useful functionalities.

Healthcare tracker
Map report
Call center
For industry and healthcare organizations.
If you need our help to collect the information by contacting each participant directly, we will be happy to provide you this service.
Ask your market
For industry.
The service “Ask your market” allows our customers to analyze any clinical market by integrating their questionnaires inside our market analysis ecosystems. On that way you will have access to the indications, therapies, etc., for your specific market. We capture all the cases that you need, manage all the interactions with the healthcare professionals and do all the backoffice and administrative tasks associated.
At any time, you can move up your project by extending the clinical pathway, adding extra variables for some hospitals (or for all of them). Just contact us and we will be happy to activate those extra features.

About us

Persei vivarium is a Digital Health company. We are co-creating amazing eHealth ecosystems with our stakeholders (Universities, Hospitals, Industry, Scientific Societies and Patients) to optimize and improve pathology management throughout the continuum of care by capturing clinical information and transforming it into knowledge and high impact actions.

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